Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Vase Inspiration

We have so many gorgeous vases and bottles in store at the moment, with everything from recycled glass from Spain and Egypt to original vintage milk bottles.
Here is some Vase Inspiration...

Photos by Max Wagner via 100layercake


Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Candle care...

We have such a following for all the beautiful candles we stock in store at Apache Rose. 
We thought it would be nice to share a little information on how to take care of your candles and get the very best out of them...

Always trim your candle wicks. An ideal length is approximately a quarter of an inch. A shorter wick will give a more controlled flame and will reduce the chance of the wick bending. This will thereby reduce the amount of smoke produce and help your candle to burn evenly. 
Rotate your candle a quarter turn each hour. This will help it burn evenly. Sometimes there are drafts or the surface that the candle sits upon isn't exactly level. Rotating the candle will help.
Candles have a memory! Burn your candle in such a way as to prevent it from burning straight down the center. Each time you burn your candle, let the pool of wax extend all the way to the outside. 

The latest on candles in store...

Apache Rose stock AQUIESSE, Simpatico & Voluspa Candles.

New to the Aquiesse Portfolio Collection is the new Embers fragrance. It's a blend of blend of saffron, cardamom, English leather, tobacco, olibanum, and musk. If you like spicy, masculine fragrances - this one is for you.
AQUIESSE presents a refreshing culmination of the talents and research by some of the worlds leading perfumers, offered in a large portfolio of balanced, incredibly creative, nature-inspired fragrances.
While the product line offers a wide variety of fragrances, our original inspiration was found in the diverse range of indigenous scents found throughout the rich coastal region of Central California. Incredible florals, mouth watering fruits & citrus, ocean spray, mountain air and so much more.

The Aquiesse candles have a 100 hour burn time and re-usable glass jar.
They are unsurpassed in burn quality and fragrance. 
You must come in and smell the fragrances to know why they are so popular!

Also just arrived in store : new designs in the extra large matches. Renaissance Angels & Map of Paris.