Sunday, 25 November 2012

In store : New Artworks

We only stock what we love, but I have to be honest and tell you that the artworks we stock in store are a personal favourite of mine. You can often find me perusing the blogs and pinterest for hours searching out new artists that we would like to stock in store.

When we were first opening our store the very first thing I wanted to stock was 
the work of Catherine Campbell and I am pleased to say that a year later it continues to have 
such an incredible following in store.
Since opening we have added the works of Danny Sixx from Mexico and Leah Duncan (U.S.A).

It is so wonderful to see that our customers love to purchase something that is handmade and unique. Something that was created by the human hand and is not mass produced. They have stories and were created with love and time....and a whole lot of talent!
I love our customer for appreciating this.

So I am very excited to say we have a brand new artist we are stocking at Apache Rose,
Sandra Dieckmann from London. 
I can't wait for you to see all the beautiful prints we have in store.
We have also just received a big delivery of Catherine Campbell just in time for your Christmas shopping or wish list!

Catherine Campbell

Catherine Campbell

Catherine Campbell

Sandra Dieckmnn

Sandra Dieckmann

Sandra Dieckmann

Danny Sixx

Apache Rose
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Thursday, 8 November 2012

New bartonANDbell Jewels : In Store Now

A small selection of the beautiful new barton&bell jewels
available in store now.

Air Vases : In Store at Apache Rose

Available in store at Apache Rose....
these amazing air vases by Torafu Architects in Japan.

Sculpt your very own original work of art...

The 'air vase' by Torafu Architects in Tokyo is made from a lightweight paper which is remarkably flexible and gains strength and resistance as you mould your vessel.
Packed flat, you can enjoy the process of moulding it into a small bowl or tall vase, whichever you desire. The different colours on each side of the vase create a different effect 
depending on the angle at which you view it.

Clever, beautiful and affordable at just $29.95 for a pack of 3.

Below is a video where you can see how it works...

Christmas Candles In Store

The limited edition Christmas candles from Aquiesse have just arrived in store
and they are absolutely sublime.

CINNAMON TABAC : Gifts of golden cinnamon gently dusted over warm vanilla, with hints of sweet aged tobacco, summoning memories of the glow from a stone fireplace.

FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH : Ancient ambrosial frankincense and the fragrant sap the exotic myrhh tree; have perfumed sacred cathedral air for centuries, in rituals worthy of goddesses and kings.